All our wool is sourced from the UK

British wool producers take animal welfare very seriously and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of sheep husbandry. Sheep do not require prevention from flystrike through mulesing as such can always be guaranteed non-mulesed.

Benefits of wool

  • Wool is a 100% natural fibre
  • It is produced each year by hill sheep making it a truly renewable fibre source
  • Wool is biodegradable
  • It is both insulating and breathable which means it can retain heat in cool weather and keep you cool in warm weather
  • It is inherently flame retardant
  • Wool is easy to care for, it is resistant to odours so requires less cleaning than many other fibres
  • Due to its long-life cycle it is well suited to the emerging concept of the circular economy.
  • Wool has an expected usable life of 20-30 years although some people get many more years of wear out of their Harris Tweed garments!

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